Heritage Trails

A Great Way to See the Royal Burgh!

We have devised a number of easy-to-follow walks to take you round the main sites of interest in Linlithgow.  Scroll down the page to find the trail that takes your fancy and you can follow it on our Google Map guide.

For those interested in the history and architecture of the Royal Burgh we have a Heritage Trail which will take you round the main features and buildings in the centre of town. Start wherever you like, however we suggest that a good place to set off from is the Cross.  It's not too far from the station and there's a car park nearby.

To enhance your experience you can pick up a leaflet "Linlithgow Heritage Trail and Visitor Guide" at the Burgh Halls' information desk.
This trail takes you round the main locations of interest from the Battle of Linlithgow Bridge (1526). The walk is around 4km on relatively flat ground, although some of the paths can be quite muddy depending on the weather and time of the year. The battle of Linlithgow Bridge was a product of the power vacuum created by the death of James IV at Flodden in 1513. His young son, King James V, was kept a virtual prisoner by his self-appointed guardian, Archibald Douglas. Meanwhile the King’s mother, the Dowager Queen Margaret, made a number of attempts to release him. The most dramatic of these resulted in the battle of Linlithgow Bridge on September 4th 1526.
Scotland is famous for its "pubs" (abbreviation for "Public Houses") and Linlithgow has many fine hostelries.
Why not take the "Linlithgow Ale Trail" and explore the old "pubs" of Linlithgow? A refreshing way to see the Royal Burgh!