Linlithgow Town Centre BID


Download the Premises Improvement Grant application form here.



Business Improvement Districts, or BIDs, have been around since the 1970s. Making their way to Scotland in 2006, their success has led to a proliferation across the country, with around 40 BIDs currently operating in Scotland, and over 200 across the UK. While most are concerned with boosting trade in town centres, others are established in business parks, or over a wider area to promote tourism, for example.
BIDs are funded through collective investment from businesses in a specific “BID area”, usually with support from the Local Authority and with a focus on leveraging further external funding. After businesses vote in favour of the BID’s creation, it then delivers a variety of projects, informed by the wishes of those businesses at consultation, and responds to new opportunities as they arise.

Why are BIDs needed?

A town’s shops, services, venues, events and attractions are its lifeblood. A strong community will always support and use its town centre, but new challenges have arisen, never before faced by the traditional town centre. Out-of-town retail parks enjoy low overheads, and most goods can nowadays be bought online and delivered, without the consumer even leaving home. Town centres must adapt to these challenges, maintaining competitiveness and relevance, while offering something that online vendors and retail parks cannot.
Unlike retail parks, town centres have individual character and, particularly in the case of Linlithgow, history. Town centre BIDs are run by local businesses, affording them local expertise and a passion for the town. Ensuring they are safe, attractive and vibrant is the central aim of any town centre BID, but one size does not fit all. The unique nature of our town centres calls for a tailored approach, which BIDs are ideally positioned to deliver. Please visit the “What We Do” page to see how we achieve this in Linlithgow.